PictureSMS 1.16

Breathe new life into your SMS messaging


  • Apply photos to your contacts
  • Set any MP3 as your ringtone
  • Blocking and scheduling options


  • The 'wacky' features have the power to annoy


Let's face it, text messaging can get a bit boring after a while. If you want to liven up your SMS life then PictureSMS provides the perfect solution. One of the best things the program does is to allow you to add photos to your messaging contacts, meaning that your friends' and family's mugshots will brighten up your Treo's SMS centre.

Another neat function is the ability to set any MP3 audio file as your incoming message tone, helping you to impress/annoy fellow passengers when a new SMS comes in on the bus. You can also use the app to block messages from a certain number or schedule a message to be sent at a certain time - features that you don't see in many PDAs. All in all PictureSMS is a great way to spruce up your texting.

PictureSMS is the premier application for Treo that utilizes picture caller ID on incoming SMS. It implements effective and easy-to-use user interface for sending and receiving text messages while being fashionable and attractive at the same time.

Treo's built-in messaging application is so bear and really basic, so it's becoming boring most of the time. PictureSMS provides everything what the built-in has plus tons of more new cool and useful features. Picture caller ID, MP3 message tone, SMS blocking, Text Scheduler, Memo and text file utilization and a lot more. This is the best replacement SMS application for Treo.



PictureSMS 1.16

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